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Our simple 3 step process can unlock the potential of your land or building.

Step one

When a client initially gets in touch with Land Resolutions, a member of our team will come to view the clients' property and discuss exactly what it is they wish to achieve. After this initial site visit, Land Resolutions will draw up a site appraisal which will be shared with the client, highlighting positives that will benefit the case and also examining any potential negatives that may be raised during the application process.

Step two

Once we have reviewed the site, we will discuss with the client how much potential their property has. We will then instruct all the relevant consultees and work closely with the architect to ensure that both the client and the council will be happy with the final proposal. Once we have finalised all of the relevant paperwork and the proposed drawings, we will be ready to submit the application. Once this is submitted, we will give you regular updates on how the application is getting on and what stage it is up to in the process.

Step three

When the planning application has been permitted, we will then help the client find a buyer for the development. With our significant network of contacts within the development industry, we are usually able to find suitable buyers for any type of development. Our expenses and fees come out of the value of the site once planning permission has been achieved.
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Our Core Services

From developing your unused land to advice on planning permission, Land Resolutions offer a comprehensive portfolio of services.

Garden & Infill Development

Homeowners often have development opportunities in their own gardens. We specialise in taking smaller sites and maximising their value.

Permitted Development

Permitted development is a type of development in which planning permission is not required and the council only needs the fine details before the development can take place.

Agricultural & Larger Developments

Often there are many development opportunities on sections of agricultural land. This land is usually not previously developed and is commonly overlooked by developers and builders.

Our Clients

We regularly work with a range of clients throughout every stage of the planning process.


We provide you with advice and knowledge to take the stress out of the planning process and feel confident in your application with our personal service.


From supporting documents to professional contacts, we provide everything you need to realise your designs and obtain successful planning permission.

Industry Professionals

We lend you our expertise to ensure that when you come to build on a plot of land and subsequently sell, you are getting as much from the site as possible.

Client Testimonials

  • "Constant communication made the whole process very easy."
    Barry, Epping
  • "Land Resolutions gave us the opportunity of a lifetime."
    Patrick, Sudbury
  • "Straightforward from start to finish."
    Ian, Waltham Abbey
  • "We achieved much more than we ever expected."
    Christian, Stapleford Abbotts

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